Cash Gifting’s Jim Humphrey Hawaii

In the world of Cash Gifting there is one person responsible for the majority of organized “gifting” programs promoted by thousands of people hoping to get-rich-quick…

Jim Humphrey of Honolulu Hawaii.

As you can see in the Comments on this site, Mr Humphrey is the subject of intense criticism by scores of people that have been duped by Humphrey himself or his troupe of scammers.

For the past decade, every time the bad press and legal heat surrounding him and his members begins to peak, Mr Humphrey changes the name and website address of his currently operating scam program and a new cash gifting program is born.

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The newest of Humphrey’s gifting scams – – New members are assigned a personal web page and a DOMAIN exclusive to them.  A great idea if you are the organizer and are being watched by authorities and want to distance yourself from the members.  Really funny that the members actually LIKE the exclusive domain and website!

This slippery maneuvering on Mr Humphrey’s part serves several purposes.  As a new program is created the old one is deleted and left to fade away along with its bruised and battered online reputation and the many formal complaints filed with authorities.  Oddly when a new program is started, some of the inactive members are not alerted even though all members are maintained in an easily emailed database.  Why?  After all they paid the $500 to $3500 “one time, lifetime gift” required to join.

Well, it seems that alerting inactive members would also alert those members that tried to complain to state officials about the very questionable tactics and legality of cash gifting groups – thereby re-awakening old complaints.  Jim Humphrey has stated on several occasions “no sense in waking sleeping dogs”.

Admin Note:  See Comments left by site visitors and scam victims.

[su_box title=”Hide the Scam”]It is no wonder that the hundreds of Attorney General complaints made by consumers over the years have missed their mark.

After all… a program that

  • regularly changes its name and web address,
  • is led by a faceless person using a false name (Jim Humphrey aka Bob Thomas),
  • uses a California phone number that connects to Hawaii when dialed,
  • and a “twice removed” postal drop box for collecting cash “gifts”,

makes it difficult for wronged consumers to do much more than whimper their complaints.[/su_box]

Until now… because for the first time in 10 years the “mysterious entity in Hawaii” (as he is known on countless SCAM Alert and RipOff Report websites) is finally seen as a real person with a real physical address.  Finally consumers wishing to bring attention of possible wrong doing to regulatory agencies and officials have a name and address to include in formal complaints (see sidebar).

Jim Humphrey Cash Gifting HawaiiJames D. Humphrey
1720 Ala Moana Blvd #1008A
Honolulu Hi 96815
808-223-8336 and 310-491-5302



The scam goes on…  Mr Humphrey, the cash gifting kingpin, would have you believe he is rolling in money and living like royalty – You know… like you can if you join his program.  😉

Think again.  1720 Ala Moana Blvd is a 60’s era building without air conditioning and Apt #1008A measures 503 square feet – about the size of a large school bus.  (publicly available real estate information)  Have a look…

















Comments Welcome!  If you have an experience with CASH GIFTING involving one of Mr Humphrey’s infamous programs and would like to share with others or alert others, feel free to leave a comment.


  1. George H says:

    These people are either a cult that believes every word of a total con man or too stupid to Google “is cash gifting legal” and believe what they find.

  2. Yes George! this is a ponzie cult! I’m embarrassed to say I was convinced to join tlc2003 a few years ago by a person that called me to say thanks for the $500 and never answered my calls again. I found out fast how strict they are about everything. what words and terms you cannot use, no meetings or talking with other members(???), no talk allowed about making money or calling the program anything but a “activity”, don’t use the US Postal Service (really?), and the group is always referred to as the “family”.

    I feel stupid and creeped out by the whole thing. Good thing for me is it will never happen to me again. Be warned.

    • yeah sure. Snap to attention, march in lock step and go forth to convince others to “come together for voluntary charitable purposes” by sending you cash. This stuff could be a made for tv movie. It is so stupid that it would probably be a big hit. website says: There are no profit-making benefits of any kind associated with this activity. This is a Not-For-Profit activity. So Humphrey or who ever runs a “Private association that is Not-For-Profit? Is it registered in the state of HI as a Not-For-Profit? Pretty serious claim given the amount of the “gifts” required to play the game.

      They use the terms “charitable purposes”, “freely give to others”, “Not-For-Profit” often.

    • In early 2010 I was looking for a way to make some part time money. Regrettably, I too joined this group.

      I was referred to this website by a friend who asked me to share the weird experience I had with this group.

      This is a group made up of “onlookers” that listen to daily live (and recorded) conference calls put on by leaders who say basically nothing of substance, invoke christian and ethical ideals, spout financial advice in a “pay no tax” direction and brag about the concept of “give once and receive forever” while not allowing a dissenting or questioning member to speak at all.

      While listening to such a call one day I tried to make a suggestion. I was interrupted and was asked my member ID number and told the leader would contact me personally and was then cut off of the call. The owner in Hawaii (Jim Humphrey no doubt) called me and without allowing me to say a word, berated me for speaking on the call, called me a trouble maker and told me I was not welcomed on the calls. He never asked what my suggestion/concern was and slammed the phone down.

      I have never encountered a group that does not allow it’s members to communicate and so actively police members that try, let alone an owner that would treat a paid member in such a way. I feel the fool and I suspect that people like me who join and discover what a mistake they made are too embarrassed to admit being taken and therefore do nothing.

      I am going to make some written complaints in my home state and on the Internet to maybe save others from this group.

  3. I know Jim Humphrey. He is a self centered thief that never let you get a word in over his sick preaching about being one with the lord. As if being a thief is not enough he is a racist and not smart enough to hide it.

  4. stop with the poor me party and report the guy if you have a bitch

  5. i know this guy too. he gets pounded on the scam boards then chages his company name and reemerges as the cash king for a new round of suckers – like me. he was nice when I sent 500. not so nice when i wouldn’t send another 3000. i wonder if he believes his own bullshit or is truly just a budget basement bernie madoff. advoid him and his pyramid.

  6. not a very popular guy but you have to admit he has done a good job of surviving in the scammy pyramid world. probably has a bumper sticker on his car – there is a sucker born every minute

    I’ve been pitched this slick deal on the phone more than once. they must teach rudeness becasue I have never been talked to like I was by some woman that called me 10 kinds of stupid for not sending her 3500 in cash stuffed in a magazine of my choice. she offered to pay the fedex cost. i told her i recorded the call and she almost exploded.

    i guess you really can fool some of the people all of the time

  7. The website is gone. Temporary? or is the master is at it again?

    S**t is hard to hide.

  8. The phone calls this character made to talk me out of my money were long ones. The several calls I made to to him to request a return of my money when I discovered his game all lasted less than a few minutes. I’m a jerk for sending him my money in the first place but even jerks have rights.

    I have reported this scum bag to authorities in my state.

  9. Sketchy Intentions says:

    From the first time I spotted the ad in the paper, this thing stunk of fraud.

    So, there were no real job ads in the paper today. Figured, “hey, this has been around for weeks.” With a healthy dose of skepticism, I call the number on the painfully shorthanded budget block of text. For someone rolling in the dough, he sure was obsessed with per-word $$$ and not so worried about editing.

    The guy who returned my call was “Mark” a southern-sounding guy who claimed he was in Los Angeles. (I’m guessing #310-***-**** is also a temporary number). Hard-sell snake oil type who assured me if all I needed was $1000 a month, I might not want to look into something as lucrative as this business. This business was always referred to vaguely. He accidentally gave me two different names in one go – or words from two different names. Who knows.

    I sat through the forced one-sided conference so I could get some verification on my suspicions. Wherever you found this guy – report him to them. Silence is complacency.

    • I also responded to a small ad and was called back by a woman that had to be new meat. She wanted me to talk with her “inviter” in the worst way. I declined and asked what I thought were fair questions. Within a few short minutes she started talking about her family and how they needed money and how everyone of her friends and family told her she was crazy paying thousands of dollars to JOIN a pyramid group. She started to cry about her husband threatening to divorce her over the bad decision. I am not kidding around. Real crying.

      Like others on this blog, she said she was encouraged to join as a christian and told that god helped her find her way to the group. Can anyone say Jimmy Jones?

    • I stay private says:

      I talked to Mark, or whatever his real name is. Or should I say he talked to me. So sleazy and slippery it felt like I was in a movie. I couldn’t believe it. I waited for a punch line but the poor man actually believed his spiel. At first I laughed but the more he babbled on the more pathetic he became. My husband was on the extension listening in and he was laughing too but as Mark went on and on even he was surprised at the crude sleazeball tactics that were so last century.

  10. I know the f**cker humphrey and his yes-man the fake dr david rideout. rideout is a former insurance salesman pretending to be a financial expert and humphrey is all that the people here say he is. pretends to be a religious man and does not have the decency to help or even thank a person for sending him the money gift.

    I have reported these people to the states of hawaii and California. If you want information about the process or the complaint, email the owners of this website on the Contact page and they will forward my email address to you.

  11. Just call me Joe says:

    it is funny but tragic that so many people have been hosed out of hard earned money to join such a scam. it is human nature to believe in magic pills or loopholes to quick wealth. who doesn’t want to get-rich-quick? career scam artists like mr humphrey count on it.

  12. John in CT says:

    This band of thieves managed to talk me out of my money. I feel dumb admitting it but if it helps even a few of you to hang on to your money it was worth it for me.

  13. freakin’ people think guys like this and his illegal ponzie is rare?

    what a concept! give your money to a stranger so you can join his club and talk other suckers into giving YOU a gift and on and on and on the pyramid builds!

    the promise of easy money is blinding

  14. When I read Sketchy Intentions (above) “Silence is complacency” it inspired me to comment. I’m from CT and was snagged by one of Humphrey’s cult for $3500. After the cash was received the fellow that was so nice and helpful suddenly forgot my number. We finally connected and he told me the group is strict about “gifting without anything in return”. Not even a guiding hand in the so called program.

    I guess I’m thankful I was not taught the craft of fishing for suckers. I’m taking “Silence is complacency” seriously and reporting the ponzie outfit to the AG of Hawaii. Let Mr Humphrey defend the cult.

    This guy has not made many friends –

  15. Don is my REAL NAME and ‘Bob Thomas’ knows who I am and I hope he reads this. I also hope he knows that I am sending this page to more than 40 members of his little money game and another half dozen people that would love to know the whereabouts of Jim Humphrey, Mr Happy Truck Group himself.

    Jim Humphrey tries to hide but the truth has a way of surfacing. He can be heard in the background on the daily training calls he conducts. 559-726-1300 Pin 225191# at 12 Noon Eastern time six days a week. Or the daily recording at 559-7261399 Pin 225191#

    Dr David of San Jose fame, the groups financial wizard, tap dances for all every Tuesday on the Noon call.

  16. I made good money with gifting for about a year. Nothing full time as promised but not a bad part time income. (I have sales experience as I sold local advertising for years.) Truth is, it cost me a lot to buy leads and advertising but I still came out a little ahead. That was almost 5 years ago. Now is a different story. It is dead dead dead because of things like the economy, a horrible online reputation, legal questions, and so many bad and greedy people swarming like vultures over raw meat.

    The truth is, guys like Humphrey and his people tell a grossly over simplified story of easy steps to “cash money” that is total bull. All the effort is placed in getting YOUR money. Even when I was doing ok at the program, I started to feel like I didn’t belong. I didn’t totally buy into the “make $1000 a day just by returning phone calls” pitch because, well, it just is not true.

    Since I was, by all standards successful, I did offer to write out my way of working and the places I used to buy leads and such and share it with the membership. All of my calls and emails were ignored. **I later learned that Humphrey and company earn big commissions on the lead sources they recommend and my “help” would have cut into their cash flow. No surprise there.

    If you are reading this as part of your research into cash gifting, my post and the posts of others should be enough to make you run from all gifting groups.

    Just reading about it after being away for 4+ years makes me want to jump up and wash my hands!

  17. The person that invited me to join this god-awful scam party emailed this web site to me and my qualifier. Thank you!

    And the person that said “Silence is complacency” is RIGHT!! I will not be so concerned and worried that others may think I’m stupid for joining because it is my obligation to go on record about this group of blood suckers that pretend to be religious.

    They talk of the lord and not paying taxes and integrity all in a single breath. They talk of being a “family” so much it is cult like. They talk and talk and talk but NEVER allow a paid member to speak out with any more than a “YES SIR!” on group conf calls. Say anything off the cult manifesto – click – you are off the call. If you say your last name on a conf call they immediately jump in as admonish you and remind all that “We only use first names family”.

    If you are seriously considering joining this band of reprobates – run. Read all of the comments and do not be one of the easily fooled.

  18. friend of mine joined and asked me to do the same. that was last year around the holidays. she told me today that the groups is running on near empty no body is joining and the leaders are secretly in another program. classic

  19. where was this web site when I nneeded to know about the spntoday people. it took me $1500 and a lot of time to figure out this is a scam full of promises. A statement that I had to sign saying I expected nothing in return for my money was required to be sent with my money. ANd nothing is what I received. Not even a phone call saying thanks from the person I sent my money to.

    I know why so few people make complaints to officials. We feel stupid and would rather forget the whole thing. These thieves know what they are doing. If you are thinking about joining and read this – I have nothing to gain by warning you away. I wish someone warned me.

  20. I was invited by a good guy named mark who is sorry we both joined. He emailed me this site to show me who the real BOB THOMAS is. mark and I have been ignored by bob thomas, aka jim humphrey for more than 8 months. I have email humphrey more than 20 times and he does not respond.

    do not join this gang of thieves.

  21. Do yourself a favor and RUN! this is biggest scam and “JEN” Whoever she is if that’s her real name is RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL and downright nasty.

  22. I am posting this twice so anybody thinking of joining can hear the so called training calls put on by the leaders and judge for themselves. Try to ask a question and see what happens. Call schedule: Mon-Sat at Noon eastern time: 559-726-1300 Pin 225191#

    Listen on Tuesdays for Dr David’s (not a real doctor) rantings about money, taxes, government and the happy world you will be in if you send him a $3500 cash gift.

    This is the craziest thing I’ve ever had the bad luck to fall for. I am posting on all the scam boards and especially the ones on the Resources link at the top of this page. If you’ve been hit by these scumbags at least let others know.

  23. You can call me AL says:

    This “organized gifting” scam has been around for decades. Before the internet is was done in living rooms like tupperware parties. In my state of Michigan it is flat out illegal.,4534,7-164-17337_20942-201450–,00.html

    And I am told MOST state have very similar laws. One of the posts here gives great advice. ASK your local prosecutor or state AG and point them to the kingpin Mr Humphrey. Think anyone will say – “oh yeah – this is a great way to get rich overnight”?

  24. Nancy No Name says:

    I used to be a member and even helped with the information calls. There are no people joining SPNtoday. Some of the “workshop” calls claiming hundreds of listeners actually had less than 10 people and I believe some of those were members with nothing better to do. On one call there were only 3 people and I was one of them.

    Jim Humphrey is an overbearing man that believes he knows everything and forces his way of doing things on everybody. Well, everybody seems to be growing tired of him and his tyrannical ways.

    • Capt Ron says:

      Nancy No Name, I was a member of this so called “activity”. The person that invited me to join remains my friend and called me to tell me about your post here. Yay for you Nancy! While you were helping with the workshop calls you probably never thought a post like this would serve to help others – many others. Thank you.

      My first hand experience with humphrey. He is as sweet as can be if you have anything he wants. If you refuse or he wants nothing he is the rudest person I ever encountered.

  25. I write this for you who are thinking of joining SPNToday. I have never seen such a group of controlling dictators. The list of things you cna’t do is a mile long. …all to protect the owner. The public does not know the things that go on behind the scenes. It is all run by one person named jim humphrey and a small group of disciples (dr. david is one) that snuggle up to you until your money is in the mail. You have to pay $120.00 every year to the owner. In cash. No check, no money order, no paypal – cash only. Mailed by fedex. This scam is all over the internet scam sites and jim humphrey has been reported to authorities by so many people.

  26. Organized gifting groups have been illegal and widely prosecuted for decades.

    If you are thinking of joining spn and don’t believe it is illegal, take off the blinders long enough to do some REAL homework on the subject. See the informative video here:

  27. Leigh T. says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Jordon for sharing this site before I sent my money! It was like splashing cold water on my face! I’m back to reality!

    After 3 or 4 long conversations with the person that invited me to join this ridiculous scheme, I was called by two other people telling me how great it would be “for all of us” if I were to join. And I was buying it!!! Now that I think about it, I was targeted and under siege. Once they identified me as a “mark” I was called no less than 11 times in one week.

    If you are considering this crazy group, go splash some cold water on YOUR face. This is the worst kind of scam.

  28. one of spntoday members called me and said joining with her was what god wanted me to do. I recorded the call and gave it to my son.

  29. This is a new low! Humphrey’s gifting program is now pushing a document telling prospective members “100 WAYS TO RAISE THE MONEY” needed to join the scam. I was just sent a copy and it is real crap.

    They actually give advice to people about coming up with the money needed to join. The following are but a few suggestions:

    * Why not take a little loan from your retirement account?

    * Don’t forget Mom and Dad, or an Aunt or Uncle who loves you. Often times people have some money stashed away.

    * Ditto for borrowing from your kids. Borrow from the little college fund you have now, or your kids’ bank accounts.

    * You can borrow from friends.

    * Hold back rent for only two weeks. Tell your landlord that something came up. (!!!!!!!!)

    * Mix and match your way to finding $3500 (for the snake that invited you)

    Tax refund
    Sell stocks
    Garage sale
    Credit cards
    Temporary job
    Sell collectibles
    Retirement money
    Get a silent partner
    Refinance your home
    Sell something on ebay
    Take out a 2nd mortgage
    Borrow from life insurance
    Increase limit on credit card
    Trade something at pawn shop
    Borrow on title from automobile

    Can you picture yourself telling a hard working couple or single mom to borrow $3500 from their kids college fund?

    Or asking a senior to refinance their home or to borrow from their grown children?

    Unbelievable!!! These people are thieves and should be stopped.

  30. it doesn’t take a genius to see this illegal cash scheme is all smoke, mirrors and some very bad people

  31. I can’t believe this kind of shit still exists. I read their website. They want you to believe that because they deal only on the phone and online that they are somehow very different from the gifting clubs of old. Gifting clubs are illegal. Period. Gifting laws are not intended for organized gifting as a way to “generate money” or “prosper” and WILL NOT be interpreted as such by the judge you end up facing.

    It looks like SPNToday and Jim Humphrey are getting a lot of well deserved bad press.

  32. I reported SPNToday to the AG’s office in my state and was not surprised to learn they know about it already. If something this foul smelling is around long enough it becomes known i guess.

  33. Because of need and greed I got into this mess of cash-gifting. What it is really is cash stealing! When you’ve got no products or services, you’ve got nothing but a scam!

  34. These people are thieves that tell you about tax loopholes and so called legal ways to beat the system and the government and make barrels of money.

    If you are LUCKY enough to read this before, joining…….DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THINK ABOUT IT!!!!! They want you to send them $500 to $3500 for absolutely nothing other than the right to work your butt off calling people and lying to convince them to send you money for no good reason.

    This scam was invented to grab the money of greedy and desperate people. Don’t let them scam you like they did me.

  35. Wow – maybe jim humphrey will give me my “gift” back if I let him live in my garage. It measures 1130 square feet and has four windows.

  36. READ THIS if you are considering spn today. says:

    I was called by a man that encourage me to join spn today. The experience was so bizarre I began Googling spn and ended up on this site.

    The man that called me was not very convincing and very sad and it seemed like he was not experienced. I did not want to be rude so I listened for 5 or 6 minutes. I eventually told him that I was not really interested and he persisted for a few more minutes and then began to cry. I didn’t know what to do. I thought if I just hung up he might go over the deep end. He went on about how he joined because he was convinced spn today would save him from losing his house and financial ruin as he was promised. Said he was called 4 or 5 times by the same person, sometimes twice in on e day.

    He said he joined by sending $3500 to the stranger that now will not return his calls. He borrowed the $3500 from a brother and promised to repay it within 30 days. He said his wife has not spoken to him in two months.

    If you have read the other comments on this site you see this is not the first post about a really distraught person crying on the phone.

    Glad I found this site to share my experience.

  37. Been there and back says:

    would be a great concept, if it worked. It does not. Forget about the pyramid and the tax-loophole lies and the helping-others bullshit.

    The “private gift” scam is sooooooo old and known as illegal. This is just the online version of a sure and proven way to go directly to jail.

  38. Hey Jim Humphrey! I see you are finally getting what you deserve. And everything I read here is exactly what I learned first hand dealing with you.

    I remember you telling me to lose your number 11 days after you received my $3500. You are a frigging scum for stealing from people like me that trusted you. What-goes-around-come-around for cheap thieves like you and your gang.


    • Hey “Fred” 😉

      I’ve been watching this site for about 6 months. Small world to see you here but no surprise. The gifting gig is taking on water fast from what my attorney tells me. So many official complaints because, as you adn I once talked about, the only people left are the grabbers and thieves and the poor victims that bought into the lies.

  39. Dave and Audrey says:

    We put borrowed money into this scam after receiving 6 to 8 phone calls from several people telling us we were a perfect fit with the group of “insiders” that make all the money. We were never introduced to insiders or anyone else. We were directed to the most lite weight of training calls (559-726-1300 Pin 225191# at 12 Noon Eastern time six days a week). We were STRONGLY encouraged to NEVER speak out.

    Do not fall for this illegal con game.

  40. John is my real name and I was a member of this gifting program for a couple of years.

    First. Gifting is not legal. I discovered this the hard way long after joining. I was lied to and misled because I did ask about the legalities of the gifting concept for making money and the person that invited me kept pointing to the company website for the answer.

    There are a few comments on this page that reference proof that gifting is not only a scam but a gross twisting of the gifting laws that were NEVER intended for mass gifts to/from strangers to make money.

    I turned a blind eye to the truth and about a year after I joined, a person that I recruited discovered the truth about the laws, asked for his money back and reported me and the program to the police. I emailed the leaders of SPNToday 11 times asking for help and never received even one reply. I tried to speak out on company conference calls and was disconnected. I had to borrow 3500 dollars from my son to make amends.

    I am writing this to both those that are thinking of joining SPNToday or any other gifting program AND to those of you that are already involved in one. My case is real and your actions in gifting can come back to bite you years later.

    Trust you gut. If it sound too good to be true it most certainly is.

  41. I sent my $3500 cash, like an idiot, to SPNTODAY. People want money so bad, they get blinded and ignore the fact that it’s a con game, a big money grab, illegal throughout the USA, and simply taking people’s money and giving them absolutely nothing in return.

  42. I found this web site 5 weeks too late. I believed the person that called me and thought this SPNTODAY thing would be an easy way to make some part time money. I sent $500 and $120 to two different places.

    So far I have received no help except for the ridiculous noon training calls. The training calls are embarrassing and painful to listen to. My son’s scout troop does a much better job communicating directions.

    The only calls I have received from the person that took my $500 are attempts to get me to “upgrade” and send more money. These people are scum taking money from people with big promises. This experience has made me wary of everyone I encounter online and it has made me doubt my own judgement of people and their motives. It is the worst thing I’ve done in years. Thank God it was only for $500, not the $3500 they tried to talk me out of.

  43. Want to know what you are in for with SPN???? Monitor one of their so called training calls. Listen to a group of money grabbers beat their chests and lie about big bucks. Keep in mind the purpose of the call – – It is not to train people as much as it is to keep the poor people that forked over their money “in the game” so they don’t WAKE UP and alert authorities.

    ***Call schedule: Mon-Sat at Noon eastern time: 559-726-1300 Pin 225191#

    The sleazy sounding creep that makes condescending comments about the other speakers and plays stupid music is Jim Humphrey.

  44. While doing my research about possibly joining this group for $3500 I found this site. I sent it to the person that invited me to join. She almost crumbled on the phone. She cried and told me it couldn’t all be true. I pointed out the references (above) quoting laws and she acted like she never even gave legalities a thought.

    I know some things are WHITE and some things are BLACK and a lot of things are GRAY. But after doing a lot of research, calling local police and the state of HI and talking to people in my state capital… this dog is totally BLACK and very dangerous in many ways. Keep your money in YOUR pocket.

  45. you know me says:

    Happy holidays to everyone at SPN today. Especially Bob Thomas/Jim Humphrey, David Rideout and Annette Blanchard. I just filed complaints with my state gov about you and the illegal shit you pull on people. HI knows all about you too.

    Have a GREAT New Year!

  46. WOW! I was a member of this group and, yes, it was very much a super controlled cult like atmosphere. If you muttered a single questioning word on the group calls you would be quickly muted and even disconnected. God help you if you didn’t use the correct terminology. They do have a page on the website that says “PARTICIPANTS MUST NEVER use the following terminology when referring to the activity:” (“activity” was one of the correct terms).

    See the page here:

    It is easy to get swept away. When I was in the group I really wanted to be a star. As I think back it was pure cult behavior that some people can’t resist.

    Your money would better spent on a vacation with your family.

  47. The best way to make a formal complaint about this ponzie scheme is at:

  48. I talked to this ass and he is a thief. Felt slimy after talking to him.

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