Cash Gifting’s Jim Humphrey Hawaii

In the world of Cash Gifting there is one person responsible for the majority of organized “gifting” programs promoted by thousands of people hoping to get-rich-quick…

Jim Humphrey of Honolulu Hawaii.

As you can see in the Comments on this site, Mr Humphrey is the subject of intense criticism by scores of people that have been duped by Humphrey himself or his troupe of scammers.

For the past decade, every time the bad press and legal heat surrounding him and his members begins to peak, Mr Humphrey changes the name and website address of his currently operating scam program and a new cash gifting program is born.

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The newest of Humphrey’s gifting scams – – New members are assigned a personal web page and a DOMAIN exclusive to them.  A great idea if you are the organizer and are being watched by authorities and want to distance yourself from the members.  Really funny that the members actually LIKE the exclusive domain and website!

This slippery maneuvering on Mr Humphrey’s part serves several purposes.  As a new program is created the old one is deleted and left to fade away along with its bruised and battered online reputation and the many formal complaints filed with authorities.  Oddly when a new program is started, some of the inactive members are not alerted even though all members are maintained in an easily emailed database.  Why?  After all they paid the $500 to $3500 “one time, lifetime gift” required to join.

Well, it seems that alerting inactive members would also alert those members that tried to complain to state officials about the very questionable tactics and legality of cash gifting groups – thereby re-awakening old complaints.  Jim Humphrey has stated on several occasions “no sense in waking sleeping dogs”.

Admin Note:  See Comments left by site visitors and scam victims.

[su_box title=”Hide the Scam”]It is no wonder that the hundreds of Attorney General complaints made by consumers over the years have missed their mark.

After all… a program that

  • regularly changes its name and web address,
  • is led by a faceless person using a false name (Jim Humphrey aka Bob Thomas),
  • uses a California phone number that connects to Hawaii when dialed,
  • and a “twice removed” postal drop box for collecting cash “gifts”,

makes it difficult for wronged consumers to do much more than whimper their complaints.[/su_box]

Until now… because for the first time in 10 years the “mysterious entity in Hawaii” (as he is known on countless SCAM Alert and RipOff Report websites) is finally seen as a real person with a real physical address.  Finally consumers wishing to bring attention of possible wrong doing to regulatory agencies and officials have a name and address to include in formal complaints (see sidebar).

Jim Humphrey Cash Gifting HawaiiJames D. Humphrey
1720 Ala Moana Blvd #1008A
Honolulu Hi 96815
808-223-8336 and 310-491-5302



The scam goes on…  Mr Humphrey, the cash gifting kingpin, would have you believe he is rolling in money and living like royalty – You know… like you can if you join his program.  😉

Think again.  1720 Ala Moana Blvd is a 60’s era building without air conditioning and Apt #1008A measures 503 square feet – about the size of a large school bus.  (publicly available real estate information)  Have a look…

















Comments Welcome!  If you have an experience with CASH GIFTING involving one of Mr Humphrey’s infamous programs and would like to share with others or alert others, feel free to leave a comment.