Who is Site Processors?

WOW!  Putting up a website like this has certainly attracted a lot of email.  Several asking about Site Processors.

Site Processors has a history.  It is the name on the multitude of addresses used by Mr Humphrey over the years to collect his CASH “membership fees”.  As you might expect, Site Processors is mentioned on many Scam Forums.

Every SPNToday member pays $120.00 in cash annually for “Web Hosting and personal online Tracking Software”.  Sending instructions specify cash only – “send cash, wrap this form around the cash, and put it in a sealed envelope before you overnight it” states the SPNToday website.

Mr Humphrey has attached the name Site Processors to more than a few addresses over the years.

Site Processors
2464 EL Camino Real #85
Santa Clara, Ca. 95051

In addition to being the current address for collecting cash member fees, the above address happens to be the mailing address of David Rideout, a ‘regular’ SPNToday gifting trainer known as Dr David and David in San Jose (or as he refers to himself – “David Rideaut n San Jose”).  No doubt a weak attempt to hide the Hawaii connection.


Site Processors International Inc.
P.O. Box 556 Main Street
Charlestown, Nevis West Indies

This address is interesting.  It was the rented “official address” of a failed attempt to move business dealings offshore and – you guessed it – hide the Hawaii connection.


Site Processors
PMB 156
590 Farrington HWY #210-156
Kapolei, HI 96707

This one is obvious.  It was used for years by Mr Humphrey for collecting both cash gifts and fees.  The address was used throughout the many name changes his cash gifting companies endured.



  1. I still have the Fed Ex receipt with the address above. The biggest disappointment is thinking you finally found something that can make a difference to your family and others and then to find out the whole thing is no better than a traveling carnival of con men and tricksters.

    I’m too old to fall for this but did.

    • Don and Cree says:

      It is a big club of people that bought the dream. Maybe now the rock he hides under is not so hard to find and others will be warned.

  2. OMG! I was “invited” to this nutty thing and the person that called me played an audio of a guy that was really smug and into himself as a master of all things financial. Like most people with very little real information, he talked on and on and on and on. Warned listeners. Very aggressive about anti govt, (especially) anti TAX, anti spooks. And of course the CASH GIFT is at the center of all that Dr-David-from-San-Jose claims to be the the solution to everything. I can not believe this. I wonder if he thinks about the ‘gifts’ he’ll get every day in prison.

    • I’m replying to my own post to add an IRS statement. I hope this blog allows it. Don’t be stupid. Do your own research. It’s obvious people like Dr David have their own agenda.

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  3. I am posting this twice so anybody thinking of joining can hear the so called training calls put on by the leaders and judge for themselves. Try to ask a question and see what happens. Call schedule: Mon-Sat at Noon eastern time: 559-726-1300 Pin 225191#

    Listen on Tuesdays for Dr David’s (not a real doctor) rantings about money, taxes, government and the happy world you will be in if you send him a $3500 cash gift.

    This is the craziest thing I’ve ever had the bad luck to fall for. I am posting on all the scam boards and especially the ones on the Resources link at the top of this page. If you’ve been hit by these scumbags at least let others know.

  4. I talked to David from San Jose. He is so greasy you can feel it over the phone. He assumes you agree with every thing he says and really has a “I love David” complex. Financial expert indeed.

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